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creative photography
welcome to creative.photo!
creative photo
A photography community that welcomes all skill levels! The more creative, the better!



NUDITY Nudity must be behind a cut tag, with a warning (i.e. NSFW). Any post which fails to do so will be deleted. No exceptions.

PHOTO SIZE Please keep photos at or below 600x600 pixels. If you do not keep your photo/s within this range, you will be asked to fix your post and re-submit. You are welcome to post larger images behind a cut tag, of course!

NUMBER OF PHOTOS PER POST You include as many photos in one post as you like (be realistic), however, put all but one photo behind a cut tag. Consideration is a good thing - this does not mean to make several single image posts.

REMOVING THE COMMENTS FEATURE If you do so to your post, it will be deleted. This is a community meant for getting feedback, so do not post your photos unless you want to see what other people think. However, you are welcome to link back to your journal for comments.

ADVERTISING This is NOT allowed and such posts will be deleted. This includes other communities, photo related sites, and so on. If you feel you have something worthwhile to advertise please contact one of the moderators for pre-approval.

COPYRIGHT IF YOU ARE FOUND POSTING IMAGES WITHOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S PERMISSION,YOU WILL BE BANNED. If you are not sure what this entails, please click here. Crediting the photographer means nothing. You MUST have permission! Stealing another person's photo/s is a serious offence.


PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD When posting in this community - there isn't much point of posting photos and saying 'this isn't my best work', or 'this is crappy, but here you go'... is there!? Give us your best shot!

PROVIDE PHOTO DETAILS If you feel it is necessary or you just want to, you may provide the specifics of your photo/s (eg. camera settings, place of capture). This gives your fellow photographers a chance to try new things and gain more knowledge on cameras!

FEEDBACK & CRITICISM The point of this community is to post photos, view photos, and provide feedback and criticis, in order to encourage each other's artistic and creative growth. Feel free to provide constructive feedback to each other. Personal attacks and general rudeness will not be tolerated and may result in the commenter's banning from the community.

OTHER Moderators can remove any posts for reasons not listed in the above community rules. Community members that persist in posting images in ways that do not comply with the rules will be banned from the community.

If you see any of these rules broken, and the moderators have missed it, PLEASE contact one of us. You can do this via e-mail, LJ, or any of the messengers listed above. We don't always have time to look at every entry, so your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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